Getting started with growth design – Step 1

Getting started with growth design – Step 1

You are constantly looking for ways to grow your online business. You’ve been thinking about expanding your offering, launching a new marketing campaign, starting a referral program... you have a lot on your plate. And now you came across this growth design thing. They say you can expect a 5 - 120% increase in conversion rate and a visible improvement in aesthetics of your website. And they say ROI is sky-high.

Too good to be true? How do you make sure it’s not a waste of your time?

Get the value upfront

Good news: time management and clear expectations are the  part of our growth philosophy at Convertux. So when you sign up for a free growth proposal, we are not going to terrorize you with email automation. We are not going to bombard you with questions and phone calls. We will invest our energy into a high-level evaluation of your eCommerce store or lead gen website instead. So you could get a glimpse of our thinking direction.

We will higlight the areas that we believe could become critical in your growth – whether it’s sales, user engagement or something else. We will include specific examples too. So you don’t get a bunch of vague statements aka ‘you gotta make your homepage better’.

So here are a few real world examples of what happens after you submit your growth proposal request.

Growth design proposals in the wild

Let’s take a look at – the URL a person included in the form. One of the first factors we look at is speed performance. You can have the best looking website in the world, but each extra second it takes to load has its price. Don’t take our word. But take Cloudflare’s (big name in web infrastructure solutions, traded on NYSE).

Looking at (below), it’s fair to assume the performance could be improved (and as a result – conversion rate). There’s a myriad of ways to improve website speed, and we would go over each of them at a later stage if it happens. – PageSpeed Insights test results

What’s interesting, URL was not the top priority as it turned out later. But again, this and other highlights enabled the potential client to get a feel of where we would go with this.

Download full growth proposal previews

Even if you prefer not to move forward – you get some value back having spent just a few minutes to submit a form. A pair of experts eyes will look at your digital business and share facts that you’ve probably didn’t even think of before...

Now here’s another example –

In 2017 Northwestern University did a research that included 1,000+ brands from all around the world, and concluded that displaying user reviews and embracing negative reviews tends to increase conversion by up to 270%.

HES could definitely do a better job with reviews (+ we also included a #welldone example from a direct competitor).

Going granular for better expectations – another example where traffic is plentiful and conversion rate leaves more to be desired.

At a later stage we’ve learned that the business’ value prop and competitive advantage is low, no-fee pricing. That could have been better communicated – something that we’ve mentioned in our initial proposal...

Improving copy can work wonders and it’s relatively fast and easy. It’s also in the top 10 conversion rate optimization methods of Peep Laja, the founder of ConversionXL (big authority in CRO world).

Download full growth proposal previews

What happens after I get a proposal?

If you like our high level direction, we will offer to schedule a call to dive deeper into specifics of your business and operations. We’ll share more details on our initial growth proposal and answer any questions that you have. If we are on the same page, we’ll send you a final itemized growth proposal with a timeline and pricing breakdown. We are fast and agile, the whole setup process usually takes days if it’s a good match.

Start your growth design journey today

Grab your initial proposal today, it’s free. We will give you value upfront and you will only spend a few minutes to submit the form. We are only looking for win-win partnerships. Your growth success is our success. That’s what Convertux and growth design are about.