Maintaining high performance? Keep on testing

Maintaining high performance? Keep on testing

The value of testing increases exponentially with product complexity. Once your website or app grow bigger, so the likehood of bugs too. As the cost of testing generally continues to drop year after year, do your best to factor QA in your budget. You don’t have to hire a dedicated QA specialist if you are a smaller business. But consider running one time testing projects every now and then...

Because nothing is perfect. Things will break. And very often the fixes will take you no time. You just simply have to be aware of the issue.

The video above (transcription follows) is a perfect illustration of that. is an amazing platform that had some mindblowing growth in the recent years. But no big name is safe from tiny annoying bugs taking tool on business KPIs.

Video transcription

Alright, here's a great example of how a little bit of extra testing can most probably cut down the bounce rate of your website. So I'm at, it's a curation platform for all kinds of modern tech novelties and I'm at a product page trying to get into a different category. So what I'm doing is I'll bring over the menu items in the header such as iconic collection. And when I try to get to see the entire collection, see what happens...

The hover over product image overrides mega menu and results in it closing up. So the same thing applies to sales, the same thing applies to gift guide... which essentially means that the users are not able to get to this sections on desktops.

Well I do understand that Touch of Modern is a huge business. They have a massive presence on both mobile stores and I do believe that they probably focus on mobile experiences (?), but still this is a relatively easy bug to fix. I don't think that it will take more than a couple of hours for front-end developer to resolve this issue.

So with that said, it's always a good idea to go back and evaluate whether your product website needs another QA round. If you are a growing company or push updates very often, regular and thorough testing will help you maintain smooth UX and prevent any revenue losses caused by bugs.