SaaS property management platform – audit highlights

SaaS property management platform – audit highlights

Kribbz is a SaaS platform that connects investors with residential properties available for cash purchases only. A rapidly growing company was looking to explore quick ways for improving UX. Focusing on lower hanging fruit was a top priority – the approach we love and use often at Convertux. That’s how the audit project kicked off – we had several calls on Monday and got started on Wednesday.

Narrowing down the scope

We saw big opportunities in optimizing user flows, but the team didn’t have a luxury of squeezing those changes into a  produciton pipeline. That’s why we made a collective decision to focus on property search screen and intereactions. This is where the new buyers were estimated to spend most of their time with the system. We would also limit our scope of changes to mostly CSS and javascript styling changes.

The process

Below are the few examples of areas that we tackled:

Improving navigation and filtering

The users would rather search for a deal and would not likely apply filters frequently. The stock of properties was also somewhat limited, so ‘no results’ would be a frequent result with filters applied. That’s why we suggested to remove the emphasis from filters and present them in a more condensed form.

The sidebar took a good chunk of UI real estate, while containing multiple items that users were not likely to engage with frequently either. So we have reorganized navigation elements to utilize the space more effectively and proposed using more white to make the screen easier to scan.

Finally, we polished and reduced the number of text styles used on page in general and made a search bar slightly more intuitive. This is what we got as a result:

Improving presentation of results on map

We wanted to give the users more context when they are looking at the map, so we added prices to property markers and polished the styles.


We have also suggested adding a hover interaction to higlight a property on a map:

Interaction on hover
Improving property cards

We felt strong about opportunities for improving information hierarchy for property cards. And we also wanted to fix several issues:
– 7 countdown timers working simultaneously created a lot of visual noise
– Each card had a redundant ‘Details’ button
– The cards used too many color and font style variations

This is how it looked before:

And this is what we came up with:

A little breakdown on the improvements:
+ Highest bid gets more emphasis as the most imporatnt element
+ Countdown timer will only display minutes and seconds if the offer expires in less than 8 hours.
+ Styles, fonts and abberviations are now more consistent

Final results

Drag the slider to compare the before and after versions:

Before After

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