Conversion rate calculator

Conversion rate calculator

Enter you current performance metrics to see how changes in your conversion rate affect your KPIs.

Current performance metrics

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New conversion rate: 10.0%+1,000%

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Current performance vs growth estimate:

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What is the conversion rate calculator?

What is the conversion rate calculator?

Your website’s conversion rate is one of the most important metrics that in many cases reflects how effective your marketing or even entire business is.  Our website conversion rate calculator calculates this metric for you after you input the key performance indicators of your website. These indicators include monthly average monthly website visitors, average monthly sales, and average order value (or amount)

Using these values, the website conversion rate calculator outlines your average conversion rate as well as your total monthly revenue.  Driving a lot of traffic is great, but if clicks don’t end up doing something that is beneficial for your business, a lot of things may need to change. Feel like your website could perform better? Let us help – apply for a free growth evaluation today.